What is the FIRRM Program?

The Grafton County Department of Corrections Focused Intentional Re-entry and Recovery Program is a three-level re-entry services and addiction treatment program for inmates at the Grafton County House of Corrections, who are struggling with a substance misuse disorder. The FIRRM Program consists of intensive in-house programming with our Programs and Corrections staff along with progression through supervision on home confinement and aftercare services. A certificate will be awarded to each inmate as they progress through the individual levels of the program. Upon successful completion of the program a graduation ceremony will be held for the inmates and their families.

Level One

Detox & Intensive in- house programming

Length of level: 100 days

This level includes time for individuals to detox if necessary and get classified to a housing unit and get stabilized to begin programming. Level one includes a strict daily activity regiment along with intense programming, (a minimum of 202 hours throughout Level One) individual meetings, peer lead groups and other structured in-house activities. Throughout this level, individuals will be familiarized with Community Corrections staff and meet with them regularly to coordinate their progression into level two of the FIRRM program.

Level Two

Continuing Care and Home Confinement

Length of level: 45-95 days

(Depending on pre-trial confinement credit)


This level provides structure through scheduling and home confinement. This is a chance for individuals to start transitioning back into society and use all of the tools they gained from level one of the programming to be successful during re-entry into the community. This level includes monitoring of aftercare treatment along with; scheduling, accountability, job search, self-help meetings, random urine testing and check ins with Community Corrections Staff.

Level Three

Full Re-Entry and Aftercare

Length of level: 40 days

This level includes continued monitoring by Community Corrections Staff with less scheduling restrictions and requirements. This level is designed to help individuals transition back into the community fully with minimal supervision. Aftercare treatment will continue along with self-help groups, continued employment and compliance with all rules and regulations of the program.


*Individuals must be sentenced to a minimum of 12 months at the Grafton County House of Corrections and have no more than 50 days of pre-trial confinement credit. This is to ensure that even when awarded good time, the inmate gets as much programming as possible to help them be successful. It has been determined that 8 months minimum, and a maximum amount of 50 days of pre-trial confinement credit is the cut-off time for the FIRRM Program to have the desired impact on participants. Credit may be applied for pre-trial participation in programming.


A Graduation Ceremony will be held for individuals who successfully complete all three levels of the FIRRM Program. Individuals who have completed will have met all treatment requirements, and successfully completed the home confinement and aftercare portion of the program. Participants will be able to walk in a ceremony in front of their friends and family and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Making a Difference

All of the staff at the Department of Corrections are here to help individuals meet their personal goals and assist them in being successful.

The FIRRM Program Staff members are eager to see inmates be successful. We are always available for family members, attorneys or members of the public to contact us with any questions or concerns.