Grafton County Community Corrections

Pre-Trial Services Program


What is it?

The Pre-Trial Supervision Program

Monitors /supervises defendants as a condition of their pre-trial bail. The general purpose of the program is to ensure the appearance of participants to their scheduled court hearings, and to ensure safety to the public and themselves while in the community.


The program is a neutral reporting agency that provides recommendations and information to the Court, Prosecutor and Defense Attorney.


What is Bail?

Bail is a court order of conditions for all pre-trial defendants. All bail orders require you to notify the court of address change, appear for court dates, and remain arrest free and of good behavior. Some orders just impose those conditions (PR BAIL). Some orders require you to post cash or property as a guarantee that you will comply with court conditions. Some orders combine the above or allow options with a recommendation that Grafton County Community Corrections provides supervision.


Does this get me out of jail?

While an assessment for pre-trial supervision can result in more options for bail, it is possible you may not be recommended at the time of your arraignment. Circumstances that might result in a non-recommendation may include: flight risk/ failure to appear, deception during assessment, risk to the public or self that Community Corrections does not believe can be managed.


Who is eligible for an assessment?

The Pre-Trial Supervision Program is available to anyone who has a pending criminal charge(s).


What information is needed for an assessment?

Current address and household members, criminal history, employment information, any history of substance abuse or mental health diagnosis, ties to the community, and anything else Community Corrections staff deem necessary for supervision purposes.


What happens if I violate?

If you have a major violation it will be reported to the court as well as to your defense counsel. Minor violations may just require a small adjustment – if any adjustment at all to your pre-trial supervision contract. Violations will be addressed on a case- by-case basis by the pre-trial supervision staff, and you will be made aware of any and all violations filed against you.


What’s next?

Once you are recommended for pre-trial services you will need to get in contact with the Grafton County Department of Corrections – Community Corrections staff to set up an intake and assessment to determine your appropriateness to receive pre-trial services. Please note that if you do not contact the Department of Corrections or complete your interview a report will be filed with the Court for your failure to show or complete a pre-trial services intake assessment.