The Grafton County Department of Corrections - Programs Department is primarily operated by our Programs Director - Lucille Buteau  our Programs Sergeant Mark Deem and our Counselor/Life Skills Instructor - Scott Gordon. Our Programs Department offers the pre and post-conviction inmate population outpatient counseling sessions 52 weeks per year which are complemented by our exceptional educational and vocational programs. Substance Abuse intervention outpatient counseling sessions are offered five days per week in all housing units where inmates have been classified for safety and security needs. Substance Abuse Counseling Group Sessions meet all Evidence-Based Programs and Practices criteria and all of our programs are designed to reduce recidivism while improving the inmate’s success in life. The GCDOC approach is strength based to support person-centered and self-directed approaches to care that build on the strengths and resilience of individuals, families, and communities that join together to take responsibility for the health, wellness, and recovery from alcohol and drug problems.


Pictured Above: Graduates of our Anger Management classes and a High School Equivalency Test (HISET) - National Honor Society Graduate. 

Pictured On Right: Graduates of our Thinking For Change Class.

Programs Department Contact:

Lucille Buteau - Programs Director

(603) 787-2019 ext. 1707

Mark Deem - Programs Sergeant

(603) 787-2019 ext. 1706

Scott Gordon - Counselor/Life skills instructor

(603) 787-2019 ext. 1708